Growing up, Bree always knew that dance would be a huge part of her life. Little did she know all those years spent in tutus and sparkly costumes would lead her to this point! Not only is Bree a successful dancer, choreographer and actor, she is also the proud owner of Pure Dance Convention.

Pure Dance has allowed Bree to share her love of dance with aspiring dancers all across Canada. She remembers the excitement that 6am alarm clock brought on the first morning of a convention weekend. The exhaustion you feel by the end of the fifth class – only to go home and immediately download the songs, and practice all of the combos with your friends. And then the sadness Sunday evening brings, when you realize you have to wait another whole year before the convention comes back to your city. 

It was a no-brainer for Bree to start Pure Dance, lining the faculty with her insanely talented friends and co-stars.  Convention weekends are still a blast for her, but this time because of all the smiling faces she sees teaching from the stage!! She hopes Pure Dance will continue to inspire young dancers, and will one day see them living out their dance dreams, just as she did.