Frequently Asked Questions


Q: My child doesn't take formal dance lessons. Can he/she register for Pure Dance?

A: Pure Dance is geared towards dancers who are currently training, whether it be at a dance studio (competitive or recreational), in a dance program at a school, or have any other type of dance education. As we want everyone to leave feeling like they have grown as dancers, the classes will be taught at a pace consistent with those of classes at a competitive dance studio. If you have no dance experience, you are welcome to attend if you're up for a challenging and fun day of learning!


Q: What type of classes are offered?


A: At Pure Dance we have a faculty that is experienced in many different genres of dance. At each event we will have everything from contemporary, hip hop, jazz, ballet, improv, to even a mock audition-style class! Please bring all appropriate footwear.


Q: My child dances at a much more advanced level than his/her age group. Can I register in the Senior level (for example) even though my dancer is only 12?


A: The age groups set out for the levels are purely a guideline. It is up to the discretion of the parent/dancer as to which level to register the dancer in. Keep in mind that you are not permitted to switch levels once you have registered.


Q: Do observer passes need to be purchased in advance?


A: Pre-registration is recommended as there is a limited number of observer passes available. Observer passes will also be available to purchase at the event. The fee is $25 whether purchased in advance or on-site.

All observer wristbands are non-refundable and may not be transferred from one person to another. Pure Dance Convention is not responsible for lost or stolen wristbands. Observer wristbands are only available to parents/legal guardians or registered teachers of a dancer. Observer wristbands are subject to availability and are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Observers should be respectful and keep noise level and activity to a minimum out of consideration for the faculty and dancers. Pure Dance Convention reserves the right to remove any observer who is disruptive to the class.


Q: Is your online registration/checkout secure?

A: Absolutely!  Your security is our number one priority!  We're using for all payment and checkout processing.  They're the industry leader in online event ticketing, and have sold over 120 million tickets (that's a lot of tickets!) to people just like you.


Q: Can I register by mail?


A: Registering online is strongly suggested. If you wish to register by mail/cheque, please contact us directly through the contact page here.   


Q: Do you have onsite registration?


A: In the event that pre-registration is not sold out, it will be possible to register onsite.  Pre-registration is highly recommended though, as the event will most likely sell out before hand.  Please contact us through our contact page here for more information.  


Q: Are group rates available??

A: Absolutely!  If you're a group of 10 dancers or more, we've got a great group rate available.  Please contact us on our contact page here and we'll get you sorted out! 


Q: Will all of the Pure Dance faculty be in every city?


A: We guarantee at least 5 faculty members will be teaching in every city. Since our faculty is currently working in the dance and film/TV industry, occasionally another job will pull them away from Pure Dance. If this happens, we will replace them with one of our other amazingly talented faculty members!


Q: Where do I check-in when I arrive at Pure Dance?

A: Please head to the registration booth when you arrive at Pure Dance. There you will pick up your information for the day as well as your wristband. It is recommend that you don’t leave check-in until the last minute, as the day will start on time regardless of whether or not all dancers are there.

Q: Does Pure Dance provide lunch for the dancers?

A: We always try our best to ensure there are food options available onsite, whether it be the hotel restaurant, neighbouring deli’s, etc. In the event there is no restaurant onsite, an e-mail will be sent to all participants asking them to bring a packed lunch.